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About Us

Krag Automation

Krag Automation There’s home automation —and then there’s the best in home automation . Each of our connected home installations is as unique as the client. We’ll work with you to achieve your vision, your way, to the very highest technical standards. And as well as transforming homes, we equip workplaces and homes with our Affordable yet technologically advanced Automation Products. Immesnse experience of Company in LED Manufacturing , PCB Designing and B2B catering of related products to several Companies and Projects gives an upperhand with technological superiority of the product .

Krag Automation KRAG Automation was born from a love of technology and a desire by the owners to live an exciting yet convenient life when it comes to the complexities of our digital age – and we found the perfect mix with smart home technology. Smart home systems and the intelligent functionality they bring is a beneficial companion to any household.


Core Values


Technological “Up gradation and Innovation” to bring and touch lives keeping every person at centre stage. To Conceptualize, Design, Manufacture and Support these products that are State of the Art, while continuously striving for the highest quality in the same. Continue to Develop and Improve Krag Products, so as to maintain our technological edge in the market place. Krag Automation and Krag Touch Switches take up the challenges of innovation in Automation field and to respond to the market needs as a diversified and multi-faceted manufacturing company in India. While achieving all the targets, Team Krag will adhere to the highest standards of “Ethics, Integrity and Principles” laid down.


Our Company's Vision is to be a leading creators of brands and products catering to one common goal of enriching lives of all with technological advances in real world.


Energy Savings

Uniform Product quality

Eco Friendly